Airport + Turkey

Omg these people are hilarious. There’s a trio family infront of me, with 6 suitcases. I’ve been spying on them to see what that weight thing will say how much they each are. The biggest one so far, is the one that is exactly 40kg.

I heard the women of the trio say to the later that she’s been here in Turkey for two weeks. My suitcase is less than 6kg, and I’ve been here a week. 6 times 2 = 12 and therefore 12kg would be my MAXIMUM. What the hell did you do to need 40kg during your 2 week holiday. Why do you all have 2 suitcases each anyway? So they individually have more than 40kg probably. What could have have possibly brought and bought to have that much. My whole closet probably isn’t 40kg!

There is a clear divide between people, with airport size suitcases and 1 suitcase per person and people with suitcases the size of houses carrying what’s probably cars in there.

But to be fair, people I’ve never understood are those who carry a suitcase the size of a handbag. Even less! Here there aren’t any, but I mean generally. You might as well bring nothing. Keep purses, passports and tickets in pockets and go, because clearly you don’t need anything. I wouldn’t even be able to find a suitcase so tiny.

This is just a photo of one of the beaches I was at, because I’ve had enough of talking about suitcases.

My trip to Turkey was great, I was surrounded by annoying people at times (don’t even get me started), but when you go off alone in a beach and your FINALLY at peace, then everything is all well and good. All around it was a success, and Turkey was not I suspected in a good way. I was staying in Marmaris, and in fact the only downside was this one creepy waiter I had in a cake shop. I actually can’t tell how old these Turks are for some reason, so I didn’t know if it was chill that this waiter kept circling me like a vulture and touching my arm, or if he was a downright weirdo.

The whole place was lit up with colourful lights, had pretty houses and modern music. There was even a blackout at one point so I got to see the whole thing at night.

You know what else happened though, people kept trying to con me and trick me into paying more for things. It’s not my mistake, people straight out asked for different amount of money on different days. Wouldn’t give me the menu and see the prices until after I ordered. And I even exchanged money, and they gave me less than I should have got, i even came back to the guy and called him out on in. He said sorry, and didn’t give me my full money. It wasn’t as annoying to me as it would have been to other people. I found it funny that they would have the nerve. I later sat down with some Turk that told me about how these shops are only open for 4 months when tourists come the most, and how many of the shop keepers don’t live in Turkey actually, and how they just want to gain enough money to pay the huge rents. Also told me about how they cheat with rents, but that isn’t the point.😂

The shops are open 16 hours!


Overall, Marmaris was defiantly not a mistake, and so what if I lost a few pounds on con artists. I lost them with pride! …. and not everyone is like that, let’s just be clear, I’m not trying to promote hate on Turks ok…Turks are good….I’m just gonna stop.


Omg I tagged this post with so many things.

also ps this post is like a week late. I didn’t have WiFi when I published so it kinda never uploaded.

I just posted something

I posted something by accident, some draft about chickens or ducks or something, trying to find caras poem.

And I can’t find either so I don’t know what I just posted by accident and I can’t read the poem!


What the…

I thought me and lily was as bad as each other at posting but apparently not! She’s been posting the entire time without telling me!

So here I am so that I look less bad because I already left once before so yeah here I am still here and apart of the blog don’t forget meeeee

Um I don’t really know what to talk about so I’m just gonna update you even though you don’t care.

  • So my crush has become my brother that was pretty weird
  • I’ve grown a hatred for like my closest guy friend who I sent drunk vids too which was great just a great life choice
  • And Kate bush wuthering heights is my new ultimate fav song now and I listen to it on repeat daily
  • And yeah that’s it

If you have any fun blog ideas please comment


My Messed Up Dream

I quickly have to type it out before I forget. So it’s the day of my Taylor Swift concert, and I remember that there was another concert before. And I become scared that I missed it but when I go on my phone I saw the other singer had moved it by 2 days. Which didn’t really make sense because that would still mean I missed it.

So then my two friends coming with me come over. And get this, they’re playing grand thief auto 5, while I’m just hoping about doing a bunch of stuff (can’t remember what).

Meanwhile, a bunch of babies have decided to unite against adults and become their own individual two year olds. Their one leader is this one mum that acts like a kid.

Back in my house, we’ve realised we only have 80 mins left and we have no idea how to get there. So we’re quickly getting ready, but I get pulled back to that other part of the dream.

The babies want to go somewhere, can’t remember where, but due to their age, they can’t really use public transport by themselves. The one mum, who has now somehow turned into a old male with glasses, has an idea that he will be the one to take them using a underground train.

Somehow as we enter the train, instead of the babies, it’s my friends and me + the old dude + caras mum.

So we’re driving to the concert and I try think about it, and I can’t remember packing! Then I’m like it chill, I don’t need my lucky concert jumper or earrings, don’t need my phone but then I asked people who had the tickets.

Turns out no one, so we ended up driving back in the opposite direction of car movement through some random motorway in Sweden. We finally get back to my house and I snap awake.

When you think about it, this says a powerful message. I was in the view of the babies and then managed to get back into my own body. So really this dream was trying to tell me that I need to start a gang of people wanting to become more individual and that really I’m still a child deep down……🤣 yeah no.

All this tells me is to remember to pack and not to forget the goddam tickets. I always get anxiety dreams like this before a concert. I just realised that. Weird.


Sitting Ducks

I’m not gonna be one of those people who explain why they haven’t posted in while, because I would have to explain myself pretty often.

What I wanted to talk about are those people on the street, in corridors and sometimes on the stairs. Those people who are perfectly capable of walking, and walking at a normal pace like any other average person. By straight out choose to go slowly.

On the streets, there are people talking and walking so slowly, to the point where they stop. This gets very annoying when your in a rush.

But the worst is in the corridor and your all going to the same place but they act like their dragging 10 tonnes. Your all in a rush, but two people somehow managing to take up the whole place are making you late.

The only reason I’ve decided to talk about this is that yesterday, a few individuals going up the stairs, laughing their heads off, falling down the stairs and onto me. Then they just get back up, no apology, and go right back to pushing me around, rolling around like some clowns. It’s one thing being annoying but to actually push you down the stairs and not even apologise or notice, when you clearly see you’ve bumped into someone from your own stupidity, that’s another.

I was so mad that I actually grabbed the girls handbag thing, pulled her back, and pushed infront of her. She just said ‘woooooow’ and ‘hey.’ Then went back to being an idiot. I promised myself to write about it and label it sitting ducks because I felt like I was walking around a flock of them!


Peace out.

Oh my Lord, this is funny

I’m looking though drafts of this app thing to see if I can find anything I didn’t post and needed to. And I find was this.

No text. Just the word ‘confusion’ and this photo.

I remember finding this photo but do not remember anything about the title, or what I wanted to write about. Oh damn, I really wish I knew, because it must have been good.

When I first saw the post I was laughing so hard. It’s still funny now.

And this is a text message I just received. Asking me if I’m dead, from a friend who thinks she can sense when people die.

And this is a photo that’s really helping my recent batman obsession😂.

Their bathroom also reminds me of my bathroom. To be fair, all bathrooms look similar on some level, but still.


What I’m doing instead of what I should be doing


In writing this post!

Cause I can’t be asked to do stuff that I’m meant to be doing. If that makes sense. Shut up, yes it does.

I’m also eating sweetcorn because why not.

Also watching Friends.

Lastly, never get games on your phone! I’ve been playing this game called 1010, and me and my friend have gone into a competition to see who can get the higher score. I’m currently on 6801! I’m so hooked and it wastes so much of my time, just trying to get the higher score.

If you haven’t clocked yet, and are wondering how this links to what I said before, I’m also playing 1010 instead of what I should be doing, so yeah.


The Countdown


Concert tickets for my fav girl with not one, but two of my friends! I finally got them to come because the tickets were on sale.

(Fav girl = Taylor swift)

So here are the steps:

  1. Buy tickets ✅
  2. Happy dance ✅
  3. Inform friends of buying tickets ✅
  4. (Because I’m a cheapskate, and also don’t have enough money for a real Tshirt!) Buy transfer paper on eBay, print Taylor swift reputation pictures on a tshirt, wear tshirt. ✅ (well I did buy it, just hasn’t come yet!)
  5. Download Countdown so I can count the days till the concert. ✅

Yet to do involves:

  • Actually taking transfer paper and applying to tshirt.
  • Find lucky concert jumper and earrings to wear.
  • Actually go to the concert.


I’ve been listening to her songs from reputation, and Lord save me, my drug is that album! Ima use it for the rest of my life.

Can’t wait for it to be June so that the Countdown app will be used EVERY SECOND.

The only problem is that I’m so far away. Even cheapskate me would happily buy three hundred pound tickets for a Meet and Greet, but my friends cant afford it. And I would be so sad to see me there alone. I’m shortish, imagine me with a swarm of strangers. The crowd would swallow me and you’d never get to read my posts again 😂😂😂😂.

It’s good enough I get to see her! I’ll be closer to her then that time I was in Camden and she was in Kentish!


I cried the ocean

To those of you who don’t get my title. It’s pretty obvious, I cried up the ocean. Which ocean? I don’t know. Why did I cry up the ocean? Because I cry so much. It makes perfect sense. Wouldn’t you think you’d know if someone somehow cried an ocean? No.

I do 99% of my crying alone.

Probably before I go to sleep or when I’m reading a book. Because I don’t like crying infront of people, just like literally the whole world. But when reading a book alone or being alone in my bed, I have no shame. And no shame gives me time to daydream.

When reading a book, sometimes something sad happens, and that’s one of the reasons I can cry. Also if the story doesn’t usually go the way you want it to. So I just stop reading and spend a good hour thinking about what I’d want to happen.

Before you go to sleep, there’s a lot of time to think, so I spend a lot of time daydreaming there too.

Now we hit the problem. If my weird brain manages to think of a single sad thing. I CAN cry. But if in my head, one of the characters cries, holy moly. So much water comes out my eyes that I could soak the whole pillow. I like to think that I’d be a good actor for being able to put myself in someone else’s shoes, and feel what they feel. But really, it’s just a bit pathetic.

I I probably cry twice everyday even if it’s for two seconds. I’ll just be reading something with a smile, and a single tear would just come splashing down.

The reason that its pathetic is because I noticed that before my brother went off in uni, he did the same damn thing. Except he did it less subtlety, he’d just be in his room screaming and crying alone because he made his own monologue and is acting it out. 😂When I say that to myself, he sounds so damn crazy. He WAS an actor, but he kinda flopped that, so I’m really at a point of confusion.

You know what? Research.

At least less than a newborn.

Ok well she handles herself well.

Reading more, I’m getting how these teenage girls cry over adorable things or over nothing. But mine will mainly be about some fakes person’s sad life. I’m gonna settle for being a very kind caring person that sympathises with even book characters. And that I should read less books.

But you know what just jogged my memory. The boys in primary, would cry ever single day, and I just remember laughing at them when the teachers made them stand up in class, all sobbing, and explain themselves.

“S-s-s-so b-basically, h-he wanted t-to b-b-be the bad- the bad guy. B-b-but I wa-wanted to b-be the b-b-b-bad guy.”


So sad. Too bad. I’m all alone.

Before I used to write nice little posts about these crushes I had and how they either turned out to be awful or just taking Flaming Twits to some stupid dances, instead of me.

I sound like I have a lot of anger in me. But all I feel is sadness. Not even that. Just nothingness.

After X kissed the Flaming Twit (X=old crush), i just got over him. (Ok a bit longer than that.)

Then I find someone else. And that pretty much just faded away.

I miss the days when we were all swimming in a pool and they were both fighting over me. (Yes this happened).

It’s not that I miss it. But now that I’ve finished all the important book series I was reading, and tv series are done, and crushes are gone. I literally have nothing to think about.

Some people would laugh and say that I’m stupid for having nothing better to think about. But I’m a teen, with nothing going on in her life right now. I’m hardly gonna daydream about my studies in my spare time.

So bring me. I naturally feel the need to scheme for a plan. I’m gonna try get better with ❤️ again. (❤️=another crush). Because oh my lord, did I mess it up with the first one.

I can’t believe I somehow deleted the post on Beach Boy. Before anything I’m going to make a post on that, so I never have to tell that story again.


Deserving Categories

Why in Pete’s sake of Patrica, is there not a Taylor Swift category on this blog post thing. I write about her, and I see where I put the others. And turns out I put it in: ‘favourites.’

And that’s just wrong.

Ima off to carefully find the posts I made about her, make a new category, and shove em all in there.

Before that I would like to give laughs to those of you who thought this was gonna be a long, storytelling post.


Just realised that caras gonna kill me, so im going to make a category anyway.

Not swimming

What you do on an Easter holiday? Nothing. Certainly not swim.

I’m currently in Croatia.

And it’s been rainy and windy and it’s freezing. I’m definitely not swimming, I didn’t even bring my swimming costume here because that’s how sure I am I won’t be doing any swimming this holiday.

Can someone please explain to me then why I find the hotel next to the beach still filled with people and one or two crazy people having a splash. One word my friends. Brits.

I was born in Britain. I have British born friends. I’ve never lived elsewhere. But I don’t have British blood or heritage. I come from sunny lands where swimming in this weather seems like a massive joke. It’s as funny as short sleeves in winter.

My theory….is that there are people being born, let’s call them Newbloods, who can’t feel the cold. The ones I’ve seen are usually British, but you never know, there can be the occasion anomaly. The word they use for freezing degrees is ‘refreshing.’

A bit like that dude I once watched about, how he swims in Antarctic seas and feels nothing. I don’t know, don’t really remember.

But the point is, I have no idea why I’m in this goddamn country at this time of year. I only wanted to come here because my cousin said she’d come.

Now here’s the key difference. My cousin is a new blood. It must come from her half Irishness. And I’m not. And I don’t care how cheap these tickets were but non-Newbloods should not be here.

So I guess the moral of the story here is, don’t let newblood cousins choose your holidays, when you can be curled up at home doing nothing.


(I wrote this a few days ago, I left my charger in another country so when I ran out of battery I couldn’t post.)

Taylor Swift is a savage!

I say ‘savage,’ in the cooliest, sexiest way ever. I don’t even know why this post is being made, it has no purpose. I was simply watching a new Taylor Swift video and thought…she’s the bath bomb. (I usually say ‘bomb,’ but Taylor is more like the a pretty thing that explodes in a ‘don’t underestimate me way’).


(I don’t know anything about bath bombs, someone just told me they explode in your bathtub, and I was like cool😎)

I sound like I’m drunk or something, I’m just a really sleepy person that really like Taylor Swift.

In fact, I love her so much, I’m gonna throw in a quote she said:

She was great before, she’s great now, Taylor Swift is a bath bomb!

Drop mic*

(See what I did there, she’s a singer…I dropped the mic….)


What The Fuck. 📱

This is what happens when people randomly decide for you that your gonna go on holiday, and when other people INSIST on packing for you. Yes, you heard right. These so called savages (my family) didn’t let me pack my own things when we ( cough cough ‘they’ ) decided we were gonna go on a lil roadtrip to another part of the country. I packed most I was allowed, BUT THEY TOLD ME, they told me they packed my phone and the charger.

They packed the phone all right, but they didn’t pack the charger. Apparently they left it on the windowsill after I let them borrow it. Savages.

I soon ran out of battery and was left with a poor tired phone, with nothing to charge it.

I asked everyone we met in this goddamn country if they had a iPhone charger and no one had one. These people are Samsung lovers. I know. It’s sickening.

It isn’t till now, after about 5 days that I some random person I share a surname with (no joke I actually don’t know who they are) lent me their charger.

I can check my email.

I can take photos ( which is basically the most important thing in holidays )

And, the most holy of them all, I can chill with Netflix.

Sure, I’m gonna run out of battery soon. But who cares, I FEEL SO ALIVE.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those people that can’t live without they’re phones, though it sounds like it. I simply didn’t think this would happen and put too much reliance on my phone for the holiday.

Usually, I’d have a computer to check emails, a camera to take photos and dvds to watch, or simply something better to do.

But when you don’t bring any of those things and it’s always raining outside, you kind of do a massive flop on your plans. Luckily the weathers getting better, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want this beautiful chunk of technology to be fully loaded up.


Holiday Packing

I’ll skip straight to the point.

The basic essentials:

  • Clothes, remember pjs (duh)
  • Book
  • Toothbrush
  • Phone and phone charger
  • ……Um

I can’t think of any more things you need so ima skip to other things that I have packed. And I’m gonna spend a good 5 minutes trying to remember them.

5 minutes later:

  • Face day cream thing
  • I took my GoPro
  • Gum
  • Contact lenses
  • Earphones
  • A little bag that can fit my books

And a some study books.

Now, here’s what other people might also bring:

  • Hairbrush (ok I forgot)
  • Makeup (ikr, some people are crazy)
  • Snacks for the journey
  • Purse (I just grabbed plain notes and stuffed them in the front pocket of my suitcase like an idiot)
  • A handbag

Ima have a break here to talk about handbags. Like why? Ok I get little ones or ones that fit in suitcase without taking up place. But those huge unfoldable ones that make sure you can’t pack half the things you want. Ok, so there are those people being like, ‘well I can bring an extra bag with me, so yeah.’ Ok, fine, lovely, I can too but I filled a bag with books, just saying. But those people who don’t have an extra-bag kinda flight or they’re struggling with space… DITCH THE BAG. What are you doing? Phone, purse, pockets, done!

If you have kids who want to put random stuff in your completely empty completely useless bag. Tell them to hold the thing they’re carrying. Build them arm muscles! 💪.

I’ve actually had this conversation before, and people always try to convince me otherwise. They talk about phone and purses, which I already said should go in pockets. Then they mention passports and documents, may I remind people of the beautiful suitcases you have. Epically if that suitcase has a front pocket in it. Makeup bags? Suitcase! Random hats and scarfs and gloves? Suitcase! Laptop? Why in the name of all things holy, would you carry a laptop in your handbag. I’ve seen this done so many times. FOR GODS SAKE. Suitcase!

There’s also the excuse of, ‘it’s easier.’ Just stop yourself there. You lazy, fabric pouch carrying weirdo.

….now. The most heard excuse. ‘I feel safer with it.’




What the duck 🦆.

They talk of not wanting their passports to be in their front pockets in fear someone will steal it. If that’s how paranoid you are, bury it deep in your suitcase or put a lock on the little zip up things or something. I still think that’s easier than carrying one of these:

This. Is a very funny photo.

Now back to the listing:

  • Travel adapter (I have some where I’m going so didn’t bring it)
  • Diarrhoea treatment (I just went online to see if there was a really good one, so I saw this and threw it in there just to grab your attention.)
  • Other electrics (😂)
  • Accessories (some people pack these and don’t just wear it on them)
  • Your positive attitude (as in, I’ve run out of ideas)

So, to summarise, you don’t need lots, bring a bunch anyway, just stop yourself with handbags unless you have an extra bag flight, and diarrhoea treatment IS DEFINITELY A NECESSITY!-Lily(Can we just appreciate how I did not name a lot of essentials or things I brought but I managed to end up with too much to fit a suitcase. Where’s the logic?)

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